From rough Sketchup model to polished illustration.

General / 05 June 2019


 Usually I don't flatten the majority of the layers during the image creation and this is the record of turning  them on ,in a certain order on my PSD file. Keeping a lot of layers could be messy indeed,but somehow I prefer to have a control on any single detail till the finishing of the artwork...Especially in case I need to go back to the artwork and fix something after  a while,which happens very often.

In fact, it is always good to leave your work for a day, two or more, away from your eyes before posting it in social media and art forums - it will help you notice much easier any problems you are not turned. just because you've gotten used  to them during the work process.


ArtStation Masterclasses 2/ Games Edition

General / 09 June 2018

 Hey guys, I am do happy to announce I'm going to be an Instructor for ArtStation Masterclasses 2 - Games Edition on August 6th.

My class is about the way we use the Shape language to build great Compositions in order to support better the impact we want to achieve for the  individual scenes, to support the game narrativeand to help us building a convincing game universe.

The evolution from big shapes and silhouettes to small,environment storytelling details and how to create a vibrant , immersive and credible world and attracting viewer's curiosity are among the subjects we'll chat about too.

For the purpose I'll use as an examples break down of some of my professional works and a lot of production sketches .

We'll talk also about different technical approaches to the promotional,mood and production concept art ,including traditional  sketching,photo bashing, usage of 3D or existed  game assets and base.

At the end I'll show you in a time lapsed  demo my workflow with comments, explaining my process and thinking.

You can get 5% off early bird price with the code: eddiebennun

See you in August! :)